The sub-tropical climate, the unique combination of the sea and the mountains, leisure and knowledge, rich and diverse nature as well as abundance of historical and cultural monuments – all this awaits you in Adjara.

Batumi, with its old and new architecture, an ancient port, a seaside boulevard, European squares and streets, world-class hotels and picturesque cafes, is the best expression of modern Georgia. At the Batumi Botanical Garden, you will find plants from nine climatic zones and a visit to the city′s Dolphinarium will guarantee you a time of your life.

In Adjara, you can taste Chkhaveri wine from Keda and the delicious Adjarian Khachapuri – all while checking out Roman ruins at the Gonio Fortress.

This is Adjara in all its glory, with all the amazing history and culture this entails!

Adjara, a historical and geographical region of Georgia, is located in the southwestern corner of the country, on the black Sea coast.

Historically, as an indivisible part of the Chorokhi river basin, it was an area that was considered part of another region, Meskheti. Various historical sourses refer to it as Country of Adjara, Adjara Ravine or Adjara Gorge. It was divided into two parts: Higher Adjara (centuries ago, its center was Didi-Adjara, later Khikhani and finally Khulo) and Lower Adjara, with the center being Keda. The central part was called Shuakhevi (lit.middle of the Gorge).